Our Mission and Vision

The Runway to Change presented by Qualico is a fashion show event that will be held on February 2nd, 2017 to raise money and in-demand clothing for Winnipeg’s homeless population. We share the stories of people who have thrived with the help of Main Street Project through written and video profiles. We hope to raise awareness and discussion around the subject of homelessness and substance abuse, and the effects it has on many people living in Winnipeg. With our help, Main Street Project will give scarves, hats, mittens, socks, and jackets to those who can’t supply themselves with these necessities. We believe everyone deserves to be warm in the winter, and we value compassion and a citywide sense of community. 

Check out the photos from our fashion show here.


Thank you for helping us surpass our goal of collecting 100 pairs of underwear, socks, mittens, toques, scarves, jackets, and 200 pounds of coffee. Your donations are helping the people at Main Street Project have a warm winter. 


Thank you for attending The Runway to Change fashion show at The Fort Garry Hotel on February 2nd. Take a look at the photos from the evening here.

Donation Drop-Off


Main Street Project is always looking for donations. Please drop off your gently used clothing to 75 Martha Street.